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Here are some Internet Aviation Web site links. Enjoy!
Aero Data Files ADF lists more than 10,000 types of U.S. aircraft with their specifications and data with informative text.  Photos and graphics are continually being added.
Fleet Air Arm Archive Fleet Air Arm Archive The Aircraft Home Page provides a comprehensive overview of naval aircraft 1939-1945, including an A-Z Aircraft Directory, Preserved aircraft, Aircraft wrecks and Museum Restorations, Flying and Airworthy Historic Aircraft and Warbirds, Manufacturers, Scale Models, Virtual Aircraft, Biobliographies, and Links to other Sources. 
American Aces of WWll Brief BIOS of high scoring American fighter pilots of World War Two.
Aviation Web Aviation Web is a great aviation database site. Don't miss this one.
Canadian Museum of Flight
Langley, B.C., Canada
Canadian Museum of Flight's award winning site from our friends to the North.  Great airplanes and check out its Aviation Art Gallery.
Hiller Aviation Museum
San Carlos, CA. 
Hiller Aviation Museum highlights aviation innovations native to the area of Northern California.
John Fry Productions John Fry is the publisher of American military airplane postcards that are sold in the gift shops of most of the air museums in the United States. They are also collected by aviation enthusiasts throughout the world.
Minter Field Air Museum
Shafter, California
Minter Field Air Museum is dedicated to the commemoration and documentation of the role of aviation in the lives of the people of Kern County and Southern California.
Mustangs Mustangs P-51 fans unite!  Lists, Aces, Specs at this fun-for-Mustangs Mustangs fans.
National Air and Space Museum
Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
The National Air and Space Museum is the official Air Museum for the United States of America. The aircraft collection at the NASM is undoubtedly one of the finest in the world. 
PilotAge PilotAge is defined as "navigation by visual reference to landmarks". The "" site contains information of interest to Southern California Pilots and other aviators and aviatrix flying from, into, or through the Los Angeles Basin area. 
Planes of Fame Air Museum
Chino, California
The Planes of Fame Air Museum houses over 150 aircraft at its two locations, the main facility at Chino Airport in California and a satellite museum near the Grand Canyon at Valley Airport in Arizona.
Preserved US Military Aircraft The list of Preserved U.S. Military Aircraft is some 2,800 aircraft long. The criteria for inclusion in the list are: (1) the aircraft have or should have a US military serial numbers, and (2) the aircraft ended its service life with the US military. 
San Diego Aerospace Museum
San Diego, California
The San Diego Aerospace Museum is probably the finest aircraft museum on the West Coast of the United States. Their aircraft collection and quality of aircraft are top drawer! 
Santa Maria Museum of Flight 
Santa Maria, California
Santa Maria Museum of Flight, Santa Maria began. In May of 1988. The mini museum and gift shop were opened in the Santa Maria airport terminal. This Collection has expanded significantly.
Skytamer Images
Whittier, California
The Skytamer Images has a lot of great photos taken at air shows and air museums plus aviation databases and links to databases. 
Southern Utah Air Museum
Washington, Utah
The twenty years between 1945 and 1965 were a history of aviation. World War II ended the reign of piston engines and fabric covered wings. By Korea, jet turbines and all aluminum airframes were stepping across the sound barrier. 
The Museum of Flying
Santa Monica, California
The Museum of Flying, located in Santa Monica, California, houses a rare collection of World War II fighter aircraft. The majority of the aircraft within the collection are in flight ready condition.
The National Warplane Museum
Elmira-Corning Regional Airport 
Horseheads, NY
The National Warplane Museum is an educational institution aviation memorabilia and flying military aircraft. The Museum honors the men and women who made sacrifices in defense of their country and in the preservation of world freedom.
United States Air Force Museum
Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio
The United States Air Force Museum is probably the premier Aviation Museum in the World! 
Aircraft Wreck Finders
Huntington Beach, CA.
The Aircraft Wreck Finders site is dedicated to the memory of those men and women who lost their lives in service to our nation, especially those who remain missing and unaccounted for, in the vastness of the American West and the Pacific Ocean.

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